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In Memoriam Master Jack McG

Master Jack was a founding member of this organization. He passed away on August 18, 2009. His wisdom, energy, and guidance were essential to the creation of the Master/slave Development Center.

He will be missed by us all for his contributions to the community...for his clarity of thought...for his passion...for his love of life...he will be missed as an educator and leader...and most of all he will be missed as a father to his son; as a Master to his slaves; and as a beloved friend to all of us here.

We leave his abbreviated biography here as a tribute to his many accomplishments and contributions. It encompasses only a tiny fraction of all that he was and all that he did.

Master Jack was a het, male, dominant with a passion for bondage and a long held interest in the dynamics of M/s relationships.

He was, Vice Chairman of the board of MTTA, Inc. , sponsors of the M/s Conference.

He was currently Chairman of the board of CARAS.

He wa a founding member of Black Rose and currently it's President. He was also an emeritus member of its board of directors. Previously he served Black Rose in several capacities including Chairman of the Board, President, Secretary and Co-chair for BR10.

He was also an emeritus member of the LLC, Inc. board and served as its Vice Chairman and Treasurer as well as Co-chair for LLC2000.

Master Jack was the first Chairman of the Board of NCSF.

Master Jack and slave raven were the North East Regional Master and slave for 2005.

Master Jack was the recipient of several awards including:

  • Community Service Award from GMSMA (2006)
  • Man Of The Year Award (2004) and two Community Service Awards (2000 and 1998) from the Pantheon of Leather
  • The Pat Bond Community Service Award from TES (2003)
  • Both the Elder Award (2000) and the Vaughn Keith National Education Award (1998) from Black Rose
  • The Centurion Award (2000) from Joseph Bean and the Leather Archives and Museum

He was also the first to be designated an Anthony DeBlase Professor of the Arts and Letters of S/M (1999) by Leather University.

Sir Stephen has been actively involved in the BDSM and Master/slave communities for over 14 years.

He is currently a board member of MTTA, Inc. sponsor of...
The Master/slave Conference , for which Sir Stephen has been an Associate Producer since 2009.

He was an officer of MasT: Metro NY, from 2001 - 2008 and
Director and Founder of MAsT: Central NJ from 2005 - 2008, 2011
- current  

He was the Northeast Regional Representative for MAsT: International from 2007 - 2009.

In 2005 founded the Mid-Atlantic Masters Forum.  

He is a founding member of The Master/slave Development Center.  

He and slave catherine are proud to be the holders of the titles of International Master/slave 2005, and Northeast Master/slave 2004.  

He has been nominated in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010 in various categories for the Pantheon of Leather Community Service Awards.

He maintains the M/s Household Registry Website on behalf of the M/s Community.

His personal website is The Restraining Order.

Master Blair - Inactive

Master Steve - Master Steve is a 55 year old Master. He and his slave tami are Northeast Master/slave 2009.

He has been active in the Master/slave lifestyle for 30+ years.

Master Steve's household consists of one collared slave named slave tami with whom He has been in a M/s relationship for seven years.

Master Steve's passion and creed for Himself and His household is to educate and outreach to the community, offering avenues for our local community to have healthy positive experiences in a family environment.

Nominated for 2009 Pantheon of Leather Awards - Community Choice Award (Man), Mid Atlantic Regional Award, Couple of the Year, Forbear, Man of the Year.

Master Steve is co-founder of Northern Delaware D/s (NDDs), Co-founder of NDDs Boot Camp, He is a board member of The Leather Heart Foundation, founding member of M/s Development Center, a current member of BESS, Black Rose, MAsT: Philadelphia, MAsT: Central New Jersey, The Gate, SDDs - Southern Delaware Ds, Black Phoenix, and East Coast Group Leaders Forum.

Lord Brick is a 40 year old Master, and has been an active member of the Philadelphia BDSM community for over 13 years.

During this time Brick has been very active with many groups and events in NY, NJ, DE, DC, MA and FL.

He is a member of many regional and national groups including MAsT, NCSF, TES and NLA-I. Brick is an avidly attends many of the Master/slave conferences in DC, Phoenix and Dallas.

Now, after being a member for over five years, Brick is currently the Director for MAsT: Philadelphia as well as holding a seat on the committee for the "The MAsT International's Members Choice for Presenter of the Year Award". Currently, MAsT: Philadelphia is His passion due to the ability to maintain a safe environment which allows others to grow, learn and advance through an honorable venue.

For the last three years, Brick has also enjoyed assisting with coordinating and MC'ing the four M/s Extravaganza Events in Philadelphia. He also hosts many lifestyle friendly community events at His domain including the Art of slavery functions, Bi-Weekly Lifestyle poker nights and event socials.

Brick was affirmed and leathered by His peers and community Leaders on September 20th 2008 with His Masters Cover.

Brick's household is commonly recognized as having a high protocol dynamic that consists of one collared beauty named slave lara who He has been in a relationship with for three years as well as five others that He considers immediate Lifestyle Family.

Brick has firmly held beliefs in the ideals of Honesty, Integrity, Trust, Respect, Self-Discipline and Honor which when combined, meld into His personal creed as a Leatherman for not only Himself but His Household. Brick has personally and continually sought out avenues to learn the many elements of the Master slave lifestyle. He strives to remain educated, experienced and as safe as possible with all aspects that exist within Leather and M/s relationships, all the while doing His best to follow His Leather Morals and Creed.

Sir Eric Pride

Sir Eric - Eric Pride, together with his wife Lady Christie, heads a structured lifestyle household in New York.

The household celebrated its 10 year anniversary in 2012. The primary focus of the household is integrating healthy power-exchange dynamics into daily life and providing guidance, training, and support for its individuals. Eric enjoys consensual S&M, blogs on different aspects of the lifestyle, and presents on alternative lifestyle relationships, structured living, S&M, ritual and spirituality.

Eric has taught nationwide at numerous conferences, organizations and events, including Northwest Leather Celebration (San Jose, CA), Brimstone, Columbia University, Dark Odyssey, DomSubFriends, The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), Fetish Fair Fleamarket (Providence, RI), GLINT, Hypnosis NY, Iron Bell Academy, LGBT Centers, LILNR, Manhattan Society for Alternative Sexual Expression, many MAsT Chapters, Master/slave Conference (Washington DC), Mid-Atlantic Masters Forum, Northern Delaware D/s Boot Camp, Open Love NY, Sexploratorium (Philadelphia), TES Fest, and Winter Wickedness (Columbus, OH).

Eric is a founding member and an instructor at the The Master/slave Development Center, an educational group for Masters and slaves. He is also the founding member of  NYC Kinky Living (NYCKL) and the producer of the workshop series Creating and Living Positive BDSM Lifestyle Relationships. Eric participates in the MTTA Mentor Service for Masters and slaves.

Eric is a member of MAsT: Metro NY, TES, and NCSF.  You can connect with him on FetLife (“Eric_Pride”) or follow him on Twitter (“EricPride“). He can be reached at

In addition, Eric has an interest in psychic phenomena and gives demonstrations on telepathy, clairvoyance, psychometry, psychic readings, and other ESP experiments. He believes we all have this ability – we just have to develop and nurture it.

Website Address

Sir Daniel - Sir Daniel is a Master with 10 years of experience in the lifestyle, including 7 years in a 24/7 Master/slave relationship.

He is a past Member of TES and Dom sub Friends.

He has presented on a range of topics at many local and regional groups and events.


"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.
We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence,
but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.
We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then is not an act but a habit."


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