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The Evolution of the Master/slave Development Center 

Several years ago a small group of Masters joined together to discuss issues of common interest.

One question that arose was how to evaluate our personal progress as Masters. 

From our discussions there arose a conviction that, despite our personal diversity in how we organized our own Policies and Procedures, there was much about our journeys as Masters that we could identify as being held in common. 

The notion of identifying a set of Milestones common to most Masters began to take hold of us.  We hoped that if such Milestones could be identified they would to be a useful to tool for both experienced and novice Masters.

Our core group grew to over a dozen Masters from around the country.  As a group we came to agreement on the value of such tools for Masters.

Other Masters with whom we discussed our efforts asked to be kept apprised of our progress.   

As we conferred we came to feel there was a need to re-invigorate the notion of peer recognition, Master to Master, of individual accomplishments. 

We felt there was a need to offer educational opportunities specifically linked to the identified Milestones.

And, we asked ourselves, who would meet these needs?  

The answer was, as it so often is, if not us, then who?   Thus was born the Master/slave Development Center.

Our History

The concept of the Development Center is raised...work begins

Our first Seminar for Masters "The Fundamentals of Mastery" is introducced
The "Milestones for Masters - A Self Assessment Tool" is Introduced as a part of "The Fundamentals of Master"

Our advanced Seminar for Masters "Power, Authority, Leadership, Management" is introduced

The Master/slave Development Center becomes a part of MTTA, Inc.
Work begins on a Seminar for slaves

Our Seminar for slaves "The Call: Choosing the Vocation of Consensual Slavery" is introduced

The Milestones for Masters - A Self-Assessment Grid

It is understood by us all that the Milestones are NOT posited as a universally applicable, one-size fits all roadmap for all Masters.

For some it might prove useful and for those it is understood that they will address the Milestones in the order that makes sense to them within the context of their individual journeys.

We know that of those Masters who decide to use the tool, some will address all the Milestones and some will address only those they deem relevant to their journey.

It is also clear that Masters will dedicate greater effort to those Milestones that they find to be pertinent to their development and put little or no effort into others.

Filling out the Grid is private and personal and remains that way unless the Master wishes to make the results known.

With these cautionary notes in mind this tool can be downloaded as a
PDF File
, or as an Excel Spreadsheet.

Right click to download and save to your computer.

The feedback we get in the form of completed grids
will help guide us in the development of our Workshops.

So, we ask that if you fill out the grid,
you will send us your results
that we may further refine our educational offerings.


"Excellence is an art won by training and habituation.
We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence,
but we rather have those because we have acted rightly.
We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then is not an act but a habit."


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